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Magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers, giving people a surprise, shocking
2017-07-20 10:33:42

Although magnetic levitation is not a new technology, but in the field of Bluetooth speakers it is the first time being applied, magnetic suspension Bluetooth speaker Simply put, is through the electromagnetic force, with the principle of same-sex repulsion, so that the suspension of Bluetooth speakers and magnetic Base each other to produce a certain distance (to maintain a certain range), and then play music in the process, to give users a better visual experience.

Some people use the word shock to describe the magnetic suspension Bluetooth speaker, because when the speaker suspended above the base, people often feel the first is the surprise, then it is joy, and magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers in the process of rotation, but also full of sense of technology, People feel very interesting.

In addition, magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers also solve some of the problems in traditional Bluetooth speakers, or to avoid, because the magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers are suspended in the air, without directly with the table, blankets, lawn and other physical substances to lift, it will not produce Resonance phenomenon, then there is no sound loss and displacement problems.

It is precisely because of optimistic about the prospects for the development of magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers, music angel music angel magnetic Bluetooth speaker series has also been a grand market, only to the majority of music lovers to better listening experience! Of course, the music angel's music angel's baseball bluetooth speakers, colorful bluetooth speakers, tennis bluetooth speakers, basketball bluetooth speakers, bass bluetooth speakers, card bluetooth speakers and other products, is also a very good choice Oh!