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Magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers, technological innovation, creative subli
2017-07-20 10:34:08

Many people have imagined that there can be such a sound, which can not only float in mid-air can also be carried outdoors, the advent of magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers made this idea a reality, it relies on high-tech magnetic levitation, so that Bluetooth speakers Suspended in the base above, through the phone Bluetooth connection to play music.

Magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers is a technological innovation, but also a sublimation of creativity, ideal for the pursuit of fashion, tasteful young people to use, when we are busy working, unloading a tired, back home to open the magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers, Not only feel the warmth, there are long-lost move.

Magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers easy to use, simple operation, visual shock effect is very strong, completely subvert the traditional Bluetooth mini speakers bring people the impression and impression, technology content and product value are very high, when the suspension speaker in the air uniform rotation and passed out Ethereal voice, it will make you hooked, praise the magic of technology.

Music angel magical magnetic Bluetooth speaker is such a high-tech products, it is very dynamic and creative, has been active in research and development and debugging, and the baseball Bluetooth speaker JH-MD15BT, colorful Bluetooth speaker JH-XC02, bass Bluetooth Speakers JH-MD13Bt and other products, sound quality and the effect is very good, it is worth starting a!